Emily petting and tickling David’s face during Ausiello’s interview.



And, i love you Kate.

I hope that people out there now can associate being transgender with being accomplished, being successful and achieving your dreams


"My dad told me to sing out loud in the car every day when going home from work." 

Everyone should love waffles. If they don’t, they’re crazy.


#how she instinctively rolls into his kiss #he probably teases her while making out #waits until that inevitable moment when she loses her control #can’t stop #just as the kissing starts to escalate he pulls back #makes her work for it #her need for more of him instantly multiplying tenfold as she chases his lips#his smug chuckle turning into a moan when she pins him to the nearest hard surface (via touchedetective)

The Mummy (1999)


Stana Katić - 2014 Events